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Thursday, September 28, 2023

JBN DCP Epe Lagos State Organizes Football Competition Between Quality Department And Production Department

The department of Quality Control and Production Department of JBN Dcp in Epe Lagos State has organized an departmental football tournament to help staff relax, socialize and to promote peaceful coexistence amongst staff of different unit of the department. Speaking to journalists lagostrend media tv during the matches played in EREDO Primary School epe The HR of the company Mr Idris explained that the tourney was staged to inject an element of socialization into the workforce. He said their choice of football competition was because, it was often see as a unifying factor across the globe thereby bringing more unity amongst the staff in discharge of their official duty. He begged the management to support this kind of program to support the staffs.
Production Department Team Mr Steven The production manager said, “There is boredom and dullness so we have to inject life into our activities. It is not all about work, worked or enforcement operations. Sometimes we have to bring in this kind of elements of socialization and use it into what we do.  “Secondly, football has been a unifying factor in Nigeria. You can seen the excitement, anxiety, and everybody is happy with one another. We want to use this competition to, some extent to see that our staff put in their best. 
Quality Department Team “The sporting event can also enhance staff-management relationship and ensure improved welfare. If you don’t get the welfare of your staff, you will not get the maximum out of them. This is part of the strategy to get the staff fit and we get the best out of them”.  He said that this kind of program is to bring smile to the face of the staffs and for the production team to loose to quality team it's a tactical error and this starts immediately we substitute the main strical and the quality team use the advantage. I want to say that the two teams played very well and it's a good one. The quality manager Mr Theophilus noted that lack of exercise was a “body killer”, even as he commended the department for the innovation, which he stated had awaken other departments to follow suit. Mr Theophilus why speaking with the journalists LAGOSTREND MEDIA TV he said that quality department has been beating the production not once or two even in the factory and the quality team has proved to then that they are the best and this is a lesson to the production team and thank God there is a VAR that cancelled the penalty given to the quality team the quality team has been defeating the production each they meet. We are so proud of all the boys that have competed here today. The quality team goal keeper Mr Jubri am very happy to be here today, the quality team have proved to them that we are the best and goal that was cancelled with the help of the VAR would has been a slap on our face. Interviews with the management
Mr Theophilus Quality Manager
Mr Steven Production Manager
Mr Idris Olayinka HR
Mr Jubri Quality Team Goal Keeper 

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Inter department match between quality and production of JBN dcp

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