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Sunday, September 3, 2023


Reducing incidence of sexual and gender based violence through joint action by stakeholders. The Chief Speaker of the occasion Mrs. Olatinwo (frm. Director of social Welfare Dept) said, it is an honor to be invited to this gathering, since I retired five years ago, I have not been invited and this is an opportunity to tell ourselves the fact at this point in time, sexual immorality should be eradicate in our society and all hands must be on deck to put things in order. We need to take care of our children and family as a whole. She further said that all mothers should take care of their children because there is a lot of sexual abuse in the society. We are only talking of about sexual abuse what about those in the hospitals who does not see care. Parents must bring out a respectful child, because child upbringing is a project or tax given to us by God as a parent, women should give birth to a child they can be able to take care of, because women are given the tax of upbringing the child more than men. However, Sex education must be taught at homes, parents should educate their children about sex education and let our children know their rights, so that they will not be taught else. Mrs. Olatinwo later said some of the children who falls victim of sexual abuse are innocent but the fault is from the parents, she said many parents failed to train their children about sex education at home. She said let's support each other to fight sexual immorality in our society, religious leaders, community leaders, parents and the stakeholders should join hands to fight against sexual abuse in our society. She said children of nowadays seem to have fallen from the high moral standards of the time of our parents, injustice, cheating, social immorality and other forms of wrong doing are normal daily occurrences and are not corrected by the parents and the religious leaders. We should all join hands to stop sexual and gender based violence in our country. Speaking at the occasion Dr. Isiaka Akayinode (H.O.D, A&E Department) said first and foremost in our own days we have not taught about sex education and things were not go wrong, but nowadays we need to train and teach our children about sex education because if we failed to do this, they will learn it in a different way. Dr. Akayinode further said sexual violence must be fight against in our generation and it should be stopped in our society. A violence which is forced on someone because of his or her gender can cause sexual transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. He said if a teenager is been raped and her parents ask for abortion, the victim can lose her wumb or probably her life through the process. Speaking at the occasion Mrs. Rose (H.O.D family support unit, Epe Police Station) emphasis on sexual violence in the society. Mrs Rose further said sexual arrassment normally occurred and the parents should teach and let the children knows that their bodies belongs to them and they shouldn't allow anybody to torch their bodies. She later said the community leaders of Epe here doesn't allow the police to take or enforce the law on the perpetrators sometimes they said they will settle it within themselves. She said that the community leaders should give the police full support to carry out the law and don't let the accused scot free. So let's join hands and stop sexual violence in our country see pictures below

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