Story of how Naira Marley rui*ned another glory named Aderoju Matthew(Djsplash)from the street of Ikotun. - LagosTrend

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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Story of how Naira Marley rui*ned another glory named Aderoju Matthew(Djsplash)from the street of Ikotun.

Matthew popularly known as ash splash is a dancer and a ask, he came to limelight when He won dj consequence’s competition then around 2020, after he won the competition he made few connections with people in the industry and he met Naira Marley, one thing led to another, Naira proposed to sign him as their in-house DJ and he agreed, Naira signed him in d name of helping him but guess what?? D boy was taken home MA*D, this was how the whole matter started, after Naira signed him and he moved in with them , an innocent respectful young boy oo, things were going on fine until all of a sudden he stopped calling his parents, he started withdrawing from family and friends, everybody were worried, the mother could not reach him, then one faithful day he called the senior brother out of the blues and said just two things before he switched off the phone again, He said and I quote “ IF I DIE PLEASE HOLD NAIRA MARLEY RESPONSIBLE “ young cute naive boy ooo, before the brother could reply he hung up the call, the family was more worried than ever , they couldn’t reach anyone, then the next day he called again that he doesn’t know how he is feeling that they took him somewhere but he can’t remember where, long story short he sha gave the mother who is a struggling single mum the address to where he is, that’s how the mother got there the next day, on getting there they have pushed Djsplash outside , his loads were outside and he was sleeping on a bench outside, the mother asked to speak with Naira Marley but they denied her and lied that he isn’t Around, the mother took Matthew home and ever since then that’s what she has been nursing, except for what Matthew said when he was with Naira, he can’t remember anything again, he can’t remember he was once a dj, he can’t remember his family or anything, they took him for drug test thinking it’s drug overdose but unfortunately it

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