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Friday, September 15, 2023

Tribute to Late Chief Tele Olukoya. A political juggernaut, philanthropist and Islamic advocate.

24 YEARS ANNIVERSARY. GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN. A TRIBUTE TO OUR IRREPLACEABLE FATHER @ ALHAJI CHIEF MUKADAM ROBIU OLORUNTELE OLUKOYA. Truly, to Allah we belong and truly to him we shall return. May Allah S.W.T have mercy on our beloved father, forgive his sins, shine his light upon him, expand his grave and grant him Janatul Firdaus. May Almighty Allah have mercy on all his beloved ones and the children he left behind. Allah says in the holy Quran that, From him, we come and to him, we shall return. *IN SAKARA ICON/LEGEND VOICE @ YUSUFU OLATUNJI.* Alhaji Olukoya ooo Alihaji Olukoya ooo Igba Irawo o mole t'Osupa ooo x2 Eni Olohun x2 Eni Olohun base l'alagba Ani nkan agba lati kekere Haaa! Alhaji Sobaloju Eredo Epe o, ema ki fun wa. Balogun l'Okemagba/ Chief Oloruntele Sobaloju/ t'Ilu Eredo Asiwaju omo Obanta Omo Obanta/ l'Egba Alake Oga Ile-iwe Okemagba Presidenti ni/ fun Gentlemen Committee Ilu Egba Oloruntele mi/ Oloye pupo Jagunmolu fun won ni Ibonwon o Alhaji Olukoya ooo..... (Yusufu Olatunji Vol. 26). ✅ Even with the summary of his Chieftancy Titles reeled out in the above track/album of Baba Legba, it is not in doubt that the enigmatic Tele Olukoya was indeed "Baba Oloye pupo." ✅ One must be quick to point out, however, that Baba Legba's list of Olukoya's feats was only a fraction of his accomplishments. ✅ Tele Olukoya was a family man, religious leader, educationist, socialite, chieftancy promoter, businessman, political leader and a philantropist par excellent. He was the President of United Muslim Council of Nigeria (UMCN) - an umbrella Islamic organisation, the equivalence of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in Nigeria during his days; the Baba Adinni of Nigeria before Alhaji Wahab Iyanda Folawiyo; the trail blazer in the sponsorship of Adhan calls on television and radio stations during the month Ramadan; Chief Launcher at Islamic events across the country before the likes of Chief MKO Abiola and Folawiyo entered the fray; the Chairman, Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board for very many years; Chairman, Water Board Authority; National Treasurer, Democratic Party Of Nigeria (DPN); to mention but the few I can recount. ✅ Western Region Leader During Obafemi Awolowo, Board Member, Governing Advisory Council, University of Lagos(UNILAG). ✅ Chief Tele Olukoya led Lagos State National Conference Delegates to Abuja and On merit bacame Special Adviser to Chief M.K.O Abiola and also to Gen. Sanni Abacha by extension ASO ROCK became his home. ✅ Alhaji Chief Mukadam Robiu Oloruntele Olukoya - a native of Ibonwon, a surburb of Epe Division of Lagos State - was born on July 7, 1936. He lived an eventful life and breathed his last on this day (September 15), 24years ago, at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) at the age of 63. He was buried same day(September 15), 1999. ✅ To underscore Tele's philantropic gesture, Yusufu Olatunji, in the referenced album, acknowledged this unique trait and thanked him for an unsolicited favour done to him. Story had it that Chief Oloruntele Olukoya was on a visit to Abeokuta during the month of Ramadan. While in Abeokuta, he decided to check on Baba Legba and met the Sakara icon downcast. Ramadan periods were not the best of times for musicians in those day. It was a period of drought for them. On enquiry, Yusufu Olatunji confessed that the time was hard. He then said to Baba Legba that he would be back. ✅ An hour after, Tele returned, from an unknown destination, with money and 17 sets of radio players. It is instructive to point out here that Yusufu Olatunji paraded a 17-man band. And so, Chief Olukoya packaged money and a radio for each member of the band. The radio was to enable them listen to the various sponsored Islamic programmes during that year's Ramadan. ✅ When he left, Baba Legba summoned his band members to deliver Tele's message. It was a favour well received by all, especially as it was most unexpected. The Sakara maestro could not but acknowledge the kind gesture in his next album (Volume 26) released in 1976. He sang: ✅ Ka dupe f'eni s'oore fun wa nigba to to o x2 Alhaji Olukoya/ mo k'Oloruntele wipe o seun Wipe o seun! Alhaji Olukoya/ mo k'Oloruntele wipe o seun Ka dupe f'eni s'oore fun wa nigba to to o. Opo eyan lati base ri Eyi t'oore tosi to ko tio se Se b'opo eyan lasa ti base ri Eyi t'oore tosi to ko tio se Lase ndupe f'oko Silifa P'o seun to joju ka sadura fun Alhaji Olukoya, e seee Alhaji Olukoya Oko Wosila/ Chief Oloruntele, Alhaji mi ooo... see pictures
✅ May Allah Grant Him Al-Jannah Firdaus. Ameen! Announcer: Chief Idris Tele Olukoya. For the family

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