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Sunday, October 29, 2023





Powerful offices come with so many dramas. How you wiggle out and play the politics is left for you and your tactical thinking squad. 

Hon Femi Gbajamiala, the former fourth most powerful man in the last dispensation and now the current Chief of Staff to the People’s President, sure has so many enemies that are faceless and cannot come out boldly to face him. 

The enemies are hiding behind blogs and creating a dichotomy between the Executive and Party Faithfuls. 

The current Brouhaha that brought this to fore was the appointment that came last week that saw an alleged name being short-listed, it is nonsensical

to note that if you are a nominee of an Appointee. 

The appointee will definitely pray that the prayer being answered by the Mr President from what the Sahara Reporter carried. So Glaring that the story had many fallacies because there was no iota of truth, that the President was annoyed with the list sent to the press. 

This clearly could have been authenticated with the way Mr President withdraw appointments, If Mr President was not happy, would have said his mind outright. 

It is glaring that the People that lost out from the power play that produced Him As Chief Of Staff are clearly not happy.  And likewise, it is obvious that those waited and believe all slots should be filled with Yoruba people are gunning for his jugular. 

Will it be beneficial if that seat is lost to a wrong hand? It is always better to eschew bitterness and have the spirit of sportsmanship.

That so many people don’t have access to see Mr President again. People have not come to reality that President Bola Tinubu is no longer the same as Political Leader. 

He is now the President of both APC/PDP and all Nigerians. Not a President of South West alone!

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