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Monday, October 9, 2023

Heart-Wrenching’ – US President Biden Weeps Over Deaths Of 11 Americans After Hamas Attacks On Israel


A grieving US President Joe Biden on Monday again condemned Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel which have led to the killings of 11 American citizens.

It’s also feared that some missing Americans may have been abducted by the terrorists.

The attacks on Saturday morning by Hamas terrorists from Gaza through land, sea and air have shaken Israel with international condemnation.

As the war entered day three, over 900 Israelis have been killed with citizens of Thailand, UK, France, Austria among others confirmed killed and abducted by the terrorists, according to several news outlets.

The EU, Austria, Canada among other countries have immediately frozen aid to Palestine as a mark of support for Israel.

The US has sent in weapons to prop up Israeli retaliatory attack if needed.

A visibly shaken Joe Biden in a statement on Monday said the attack was cold and cowardly, and one that’s heart-wrenching.

“As we continue to account for the horrors of the appalling terrorist assault against Israel this weekend and the hundreds of innocent civilians who were murdered, we are seeing the immense scale and reach of this tragedy,” the US president said.

“Sadly, we now know that at least 11 American citizens were among those killed – many of whom made a second home in Israel,” Biden has said.

He declared, “It’s heart-wrenching,” adding that, “These families have been torn apart by inexcusable hatred and violence.

We also know that American citizens still remain unaccounted for, and we are working with Israeli officials to obtain more information as to their whereabouts.

My heart goes out to every family impacted by the horrible events of the past few days.

“The pain these families have endured, the enormity of their loss, and the agony of those still awaiting information is unfathomable.

“The safety of American citizens – whether at home or abroad – is my top priority as president.

“While we are still working to confirm, we believe it is likely that American citizens may be among those being held by Hamas,” Biden added.

He assured that, “I have directed my team to work with their Israeli counterparts on every aspect of the hostage crisis, including sharing intelligence and deploying experts from across the United States government to consult with and advise Israeli counterparts on hostage recovery efforts …

“This is not some distant tragedy. The ties between Israel and the United States run deep.

It is personal for so many American families who are feeling the pain of this attack as well as the scars inflicted through millennia of antisemitism and persecution of Jewish people.

“In cities across the country, police departments have stepped up security around centres of Jewish life, and the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other federal law enforcement partners are closely monitoring for any domestic threats in connection with the horrific terrorist attacks in Israel.

“In this moment of heartbreak, the American people stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israelis. We remember the pain of being attacked by terrorists at home, and Americans across the country stand united against these evil acts that have once more claimed innocent American lives.

“It is an outrage. And we will continue to show the world that the American people are unwavering in our resolve to oppose terrorism in all forms.”

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