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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Video: Management of Epe General Hospital organizes sexual and gender-based violence awareness program for Epe school children


Epe General Hospital (GH, Epe) in collaboration with Salima Muse Ariyo Health Foundation (Nigeria) held an awareness program on Monday, October 9, 2023 for over 100 primary and secondary school students in Epe. These include Epe Local Government Area; Ered LCDA and Icocieginrin LCDA.

Moderators of Dr. S.B. GH, Mustafa Hall in Epe, venue for awareness event tagged “Not In My Lagos”. Among them was the hospital's intensive care unit director, Dr. Aisha Sule of Akayinode A.I; Center for Integrative Health Programs (CIHP). Roseline E., police officer, Police Family Support Division, Epe District Police Station; Mr. Funke Owolabi, Lagos State Ministry of Health, representative of the State Coordinator for Reproductive Health; Educate participants about the meaning, causes, impacts, prevention, solutions, and punishments associated with sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). Necessary locations available to victims of threats within the state.
The event was attended by Medical Director/CEO, GH, Epe, Dr. Oluseyi Adesola. Mr. Olufunke Idowu Oyetola who was ably represented at the event by the Lecturer General/Permanent Secretary (TG/PS), Lagos State Third Education District, Dr. Abiodun Mosunmola Adefuye. Minister of Education, Regional Education Agency Epe Bureau, Mr. Idowu Aliu Shittu, popularly known as SAICO. Head of Radiology, GH, Epe, Dr. Joraosho. Coordinator of the Concerned Nation Building Initiative (CNI), Dr. Gbolahan. Among other notable figures. He commended the organizers of the event, pointing out that it will go a long way in reducing the number of SGBV infections in Epe District, Lagos State and Nigeria as a whole in the near future. At the event, participants were informed through various lectures held using a projector
Dignitaries at the event which included,the Medical Director/ Chief Executive Officer,GH,Epe,Dr. Oluseyi Adesola; Tutor General/ Permanent Secretary ( TG/PS) Education District III,Lagos State,Dr. ( Mrs.) Olufunke Idowu Oyetola,who was ably represented at the event by Mrs. Abiodun Mosunmola Adefuye; Education Secretary,Local Government Education Authority,Epe Division, Mr. Idowu Aliu Shittu,popularly known as SAICO; the Head of Radiology Department,GH,Epe,Dr. Jolaosho; Concerned Nation Builders' Initiative ( CNI)'s Co- ordinator,Dr. Gbolahan;amongst other notable personalities; commended the organisers of the event;noting that,it would go a long way in reducing SGBV cases in Epe Division,Lagos State and Nigeria at large,in the nearest future. 

They opined that,through different papers presented with the aid of a projector at the event,the participants had been.

n equipped with vital information required as far as SGBV is concerned and they are going to be the crusaders of the message to others who were not present at the venue.

 Dr. Oluseyi Adesola,however added," Community based organizations,such as NGOs, need to get more involved in the campaign against SGBV and create awareness on the devastating consequences of this menace,because they can actually receive more reported cases of it than us. People know their members and can relate with them more without seeing the punitive angle. Health facility, only get a fraction of few reported cases,but we ensure good care and support for the victims that report to us and do the social evaluation,as well."

While dishing out a vote of thanks,the convener of the event, the Head of Social Services, GH,Epe,Mr. Ayanbisi R. , thanked,those who supported the event financially and otherwise, the facilitators and all participants,for making the sensitization programme a reality. He noted that they had through their supports contributed to the well- being of humanity,peaceful and orderly society.

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