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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

A Political Juggernauts Leader, Hon Bola Gbabijo Yesooo Mark birthday Grand Style


Birthdays are special occasions that allow us to celebrate the milestones and achievements of our loved ones. When it comes to celebrating the 60th birthday of a political leader, it is a unique opportunity to honour their dedication, wisdom, and service to the community.

Looking at the life of Honourable Bola Gbabijo Yesooo,  there are many creative ways to celebrate the milestone, highlighting the significance of the occasion and offering ideas to make it a memorable and meaningful event as the life of great man called yesoo is full of knowledge

The former member of the Federal House of Representatives, in Epe Federal Constituency of Lagos State, Hon. Bola Gbabijo, popularly known as Yesooo,

During the birthday celebration some epe political gurus are not left but to gress the occasion 

"Hon Bola Gbabijo Yesooo been interviewed by LAGOSTREND MEDIA he said that today is a great day in his live and his very happy for the people that came to celebrate with him

The Honorables  that came  felicitates with the Celebrant, wishing God to grant him his heart desires;
“we pray that God will bless you, your families, home, your going out and your coming in, your business in the house, be with you in and out, bless our Constituencies, bless your federal constituency, bless all of us, bless Lagos State, bless epe local government  

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