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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Blessing CEO Sues Prankster Over Fake Arrest


Controversial Nigeria relationship therapist, Blessing CEO has sued prankster Untouchable over his recent prank arrest.

New Telegraph reports that Blessing CEO was pranked by some content creators using some men dressed in a police outfit driving in a police van.

According to reports, the prankstar and his self-acclaimed policemen accoasted Blessing while she was driving to the airport, the policemen were seen dragging her out of her car into their van faking an arrest. Blessing was seen crying like a baby while seated in the police van.

Reacting to the fake arrest, Blessing CEO sued the prankster Untouchable and his team as she disclosed she was beaten, and injured, stole her money in the process, and almost killed her during their prank.

Blessing CEO said, “No gree for anybody this year. A few days ago, one silly prank boy untouchable werey pranked me, using armed men to harass me on my way to the airport, I was embarrassed, bundled like a criminal, and thrown into a van, beaten, injured, and almost k!lled by untouchable comedy’s.

“My money was missing and my phone was even stolen. In the end, I was told it was a prank. This prank was posted by the untouchable on his different pages to humiliate me in public.

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So I decided to seek justice with the law as a law-abiding citizen.. pranks should have limits. Thanks to the Nigerian police for your wonderful cooperation. As we await investigation and justice to be served. Thanks, lovers for your support and encouragement.

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