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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Nusaf Prayer Warrior Visit Orphanage Home in Ogun state to celebrate their 15th years Anniversary / Turbanning award giving ceremony


  Lagostrend Report that Nusaf Prayer Warrior epe Chapter donated foodstuffs and relief materials to the Raco orphanage home on 3rd January 2024 to mark the day one of the association 25th years anniversary/ Award ceremony which will be taking place on the 7th of January 2024.

Speaking during the visit, the head of Nusaf Prayer Warrior epe chapter, Khalifah Dhu- Nurain Olayiwola Sanmori  the Founder / National Missionary appreciated the  management of Raco orphanage home for the good work and also urged the children to always respect and pray for the people taking care of the them.

Khalifah Dhu- Nurain Olayiwola Sanmori said that the purpose of the Visitation to  mark their 25th years anniversary/ Award ceremony

While thanking the Nusaf Prayer Warrior epe Chapter for the visitation, coordinator of Raco home said many of the children were found in the bush, motor parks while some in the waste bin and some girls whose boyfriend’s rejected their pregnancy are encourage not to abort the pregnancy and the home take care of them and their pregnancy till they gave birth, while some leave the child behind and some change their mind to take care of the child themselves.

Speaking further, she said the home also takes care of disabled children, mentally ill people who are found on the streets and brought to the orphanage home which are being taken care of by psychiatrist doctors.

the coordinator said Raco orphanage home has its own Nursery and primary school for the children to learn adding that some of their children have benefited scholarship who are studying in boarding school, adding that some have been married off and some are working and they visit them whenever they are on break.

Raco orphanage home is an orphanage home which is being ruined by the our foundation, whose mission is to clothe the naked, to shelter the homeless, to feed the hungry, to educate and raise the abandoned children and to give the word of God to the thirsty. 

Also speaking at the orphanage home the one of the association member , said everybody in the world has a story to tell.
He therefore pleaded with the management to connect the children with innovative people in the society, who will help them to give back to the society the best, not someone who will intoxicate their lives.

She said the essence of the visitation is for everyone to check himself and his behaviour as no one as assurance of who will be next.
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