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Thursday, January 11, 2024

Pastor Kumuyi Ruined My Childhood - Mercy Benjamin


Mercy Benjamin is a Blogger and also works as a Web Developer in Lagos. She's born to a Deeper life parents and she took to her verified Facebook page to share her childhood experiences as a Deeper life member.

Pastor Williams Folorunso Kumuyi, I respect you as an individual because of the obvious radiating humble nature you exude. 

If not, I would have so disrespected you anyhow. 

You are one of those people who ruined my childhood.

You are one of those people who made my dad very comfortable with poverty, when there were several opportunities for him to take advantage of, because of your deluded preachings, those opportunities were considered a sin. Because of you.

Pastor Kumuyi I respect you as an individual, but I am disappointed at your state of delusion and the multitudes you lead with it. 

In the name of God, Hell and Sin, people justify their wicked acts.

Broad is the way to hell, narrow is the way to heaven. 

It gives me peace knowing fully well, you and your multitudes are all going to the hell created for you all.

I don't like you.

Deeper life church forbids wearing of lace material clothes, one of their greatest sin of all time.

Can't forget the time my dad took three of us to the tailor himself, and specifically told the tailor with warning to sew "gathers gown" for us three, it was not funny.

His own way of describing to the tailor to sew us the most hideous shapeless gown that gathers together around the waist.

My old man was using his razor blade and comb to scrape our hair.

For a large part of my life, I was ugly. No be lie, who know us then know. 

Deeper life hate good things! Anything good is a sin.

One of the annoying part of it all was, all the workers in that church were all trying to use the exact voice of their Pastor Kumuyi, they are all using his same intonation till date. (only thinking about it, is very embarrasing

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