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Sunday, May 26, 2024



Federation of Epe Division Students Association -National

Today, the Federation of Epe Division Students Association (Fedsa National) marks a significant milestone.

Today, May 26th, 2024, makes it our 100th day in office! we embarked on a journey to serve our community with passion and dedication. 

In just three months, we've made a tangible impact in the lives of our people.

This momentous occasion provides an opportunity to reflect on our achievements and reaffirm our commitment to serving the student community.

*Key Achievements:*

1. *Improved Welfare (Bursary/scholarship award) :* As part of our stated plans to cater for the students welfare in terms of education, we successfully  agitated constructively with the local government Chairmen's in Epe Division to provide additional scholarships and bursaries to the indigent deserving students. Which there's positive turn out from ikosi-Ejinrin and Ibeju lekki LGA under the good outstanding leadership of Akogun Wale Raji Anomo and Hon. Engr. Abdullahi Sesan olowa (Jaja) respectively. 

2. *Enhanced Representation:* Fedsa National has Established a strong presence in national student forums, ensuring the voices of Epe Division students are heard and valued including the under represented (The High School Students)

3. *Capacity Building:* In Collaboration with the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Epe Branch. We embarked on empowering students with essential digital skills training with stipends allocated to the participants after the course of completion.  

4. *Community Engagement:* Collaborated with local organizations (NYCN in Epe Division and Representative, Lagos State Youth Parliament) to implement initiatives promoting education, health, and environmental sustainability, We organized a public lecture for indigenous students in Epe, providing a platform for spiritual growth and community bonding. The event included Iftar, fostering a sense of unity and togetherness.

5. *Unity and Inclusivity:* 

We've forged strong alliances with association; Lagos State Youth Parliament Epe Constituency 1 for Epe Boys Safe Space Project and SSA on students affairs ibeju lekki for The Mentors Platform program, ensuring a united front for the betterment of our community.

Fostered a sense of belonging among students from diverse backgrounds, promoting unity and inclusivity within the association.

*Looking Ahead:*

As we celebrate our 100-day milestone, we acknowledge the trust placed in us and reaffirm our dedication to serving the student community.


Our focus for the next phase includes:

- Strengthening partnerships with stakeholders to enhance student benefits

- Expanding our outreach programs to reach more students and communities

- Continuously improving our services and representation


We extend our sincere appreciation to our members, supporters, and partners who have contributed to our progress. Your trust and encouragement drive us to excel.

*Together, we will achieve greater heights!*

Yours in service'


 *Comr. Adesanya O. Ibrahim*

 _(National President)_ 



 *Comr. Onoshokun, G. Abdulrasheed*

 _(Public Relations Officer)_ 


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