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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Hilda Baci Revealed that she used 5 years to Plan for her Cookhathon.

Hilda Baci shared that her successful attempt at breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon was the result of five years of meticulous planning and preparation. 

She saved over 20 million Naira, which she used for public relations and reached out to brands willing to sponsor and showcase their products. Once she received approval from Guinness World Records, she was ready to begin her record-breaking journey.

Hilda's strategic investment in marketing attracted even more sponsors, allowing her to profit even before receiving the official certificate. Her story gained her a significant following and admiration, demonstrating that success requires substantial time, effort, and resources.

In contrast, Chef Ebenezer Smith's attempt failed because he did not prepare adequately. He neither saved money nor sought approval from Guinness World Records. Instead, he went ahead with his claim without proper backing, ultimately leading to his exposure and arrest for fraud. His actions, including f@king a Guinness World Record certificate, resulted in his disqualification from future competitions by the organization, potentially affecting the credibility of other Ghanaian chefs.

Hilda's story underscores that greatness requires dedication and preparation, and shortcuts often lead to fa!lure and disgrace.

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