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Saturday, January 13, 2024

History: How Sunday Olisheh Kicked Out Vincent Enyeama From Super Eagles In 2015


By Adewale Ajayi

Sunday Oliseh had to drop his jacket in anger spoiling for war with his captain, Vincent Enyeama over irreconcilable differences. No it shouldn't have come to that. Why invite him in the first place if you don't want him? Or better still why not issue a press release even before your camp opens in Belgium to tell the public that your new captain is Ahmed Musa. That would have saved us this embarrassment. 


Reasons for this madness according to my source, is that Enyeama arrived camp on Monday after burying his late mother Lucy. He was surprised to find out that Oliseh has picked Ahmed Musa as new captain of the Super Eagles without thinking it was necessary to take him along. 

Oliseh however  expected Enyeama to come forward and explain to the coaches why he missed Nigeria's last match with Tanzania  but reappeared in the French Ligue One donning the jersey of Lille Metropole without any formal or informal message to his National team coaches. Oliseh wanted explanations, Enyeama also wanted explanations and none was ready to bulge and that was how tempers flared and a mild drama ensued. 


Oliseh is aware of the many antecedents of Enyeama, he is hellbent on instilling discipline in camp but must apply wisdom in doing things or he starts breeding a divided camp of players who can jointly jeopardise his Nations cup dreams and aspiration and render him jobless in just a matter of months from now



This portends very severe consequences because like in 2011 under Siasia, players will take sides. There will be those like Mikel who is also pregnant with anger over his none invitation for the Tanzania match, and Odion Ighalo whose exclusion came with no concrete explanation. 

These two could pitch camp with Vincent. There will also be those loyal to the former technical crew led by Stephen Keshi  and those loyal to Oliseh. In 2011, Siasia fell out with the same Enyeama, Osaze and Mikel. All three were later recalled for the crunch match with Guinea in Abuja and their performance on the day left much to be desired as Nigeria failed to pick the 2012 Nations Cup ticket. 


With a double header against Egypt coming up in March, the NFF must intervene and call a peace meeting between players and coaches in order to resolve all lingering crisis before the World Cup qualifier later this year and the cracker with Egypt in March next year. The truth is we cannot afford to miss out from another Nations  Cup and if Enyeama or Oliseh want to be a clog in our wheel then both can give way. 

Sunny should know that as National team coach, you don't discipline a player by going physical. He should know too that Enyeama remains Nigeria's captain and the Nation's most capped international and must learn to manage egos if he must succeed as National team coach. 

Rumbling with your player in only your third match in charge does not speak well of you as a coach. Agreed, Enyeama is turning out a spoilt egg in the team but two wrongs don't make a right. 

One expects that the matter could have been handled internally. Drawing the attention of the public or going as far as inviting security personnel to walk your captain out of camp is not the way out. Whatever the case, Vincent Enyeama remains Nigeria's most capped player and deserves some respect. 


Enyeama is gradually becoming a soar grape in camp, he is turning out a very bad influence on other players and must be wisely eased out before he destroys the team spirit. 

Enyeama it was in Namibia who instigated the No pay No flight protest before the Confederations Cup in Brazil, Enyeama it was in Brazil who led the revolt over the FIFA largesse the night before our second round match with France. 

It will also be recalled that the NFF almost banned Vincent following comments he made regarding the choice of Kaduna for the Nations Cup qualifier with Chad in Kaduna. 

All these are just a drop in the ocean when recounting the many atrocities of Enyeama who like Oliseh during his playing days, is becoming an enfant terrible.

 There must be a middle point of reconciliation, there must also be a point of taking very decisive decisions. If Enyeama feels he is doing Nigeria a favour by wearing the National team jersey, me feels it's high time we organise a sendforth party and confine him into the history books.

Adewale Ajayi wrote this in the heat of the altercation in 2015

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